Awaken your shelf consciousness! An AR app that helps users make environmentally conscious purchases by calculating an environmental impact of items in your shopping basket.


Ursa was born at MIT in early 2019. I worked closely with a team of engineers, data scientists, user researchers and creatives to design an AR powered shopping guide that provides a comprehensive eco-focused scoring system for supermarket items.

Project Timeline

Who's the User

  • People who are environmentally responsible
  • People who are health oriented
  • People who are community focused
  • People who have kids

In a typical supermarket, there are around 70,000 products. With so much choice it's difficult to make sustainable choices. Many gets swayed by billions of dollars in advertising and "green washing". As a result shoppers make bad decisions that will last far longer than ‘what’s for dinner’. Ursa puts shopping power back into users hands by providing an in-store guide to what’s in store for the planet. Ursa empowers “conscious consumption” that helps to advance more environmentally friendly and socially responsible products aligning peoples’ values with their market actions.

Studies show that shoppers are more likely to purcase products that are eco-friendly. Here is the key drivers. Data by Nielsen

User's Journey

Identified Problems

  • Ambiguous labeling and greenwashing of products
  • Users hands are preoccupied with a shopping baskets and chilren
  • Users spending up to 2 hours comparing products
  • Maintaining a balance between 2D graphics and 3D AR experience
  • Representing large volume of data without taking away the experience
  • Compiling a comprehensive holistic data on products
  • Seamlessly tracking multiple product images
  • Maintaining engagment beyond product scores

Success Metrics


  • Users feel the flow is simple and easy to follow
  • Users feel confident the information is relable and comprehensive
  • Users feel that they contribute to the greater good
  • Users feel they are part of a community


  • Decrease in time spent comparing products
  • More products get scanned

Design Principals

We agreed on 4 design principals

Final Designs


Scanning and Data Viz

Ursa in Action

Team: Gentry Demchak, Dan Cole, Margot Lieblich, Tejas Shroff, Mischa Abakumova
Advising team: Casey Pugh (Vimeo), Lisa Tacoronte (IDEO), Brett Phares

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