Biocoding and Communication

Octocom is an interactive installation that allows participants to transmit messages to each other through applying their bodies and quantifying the biofeedback. In physical world interactions are enriched with facial expressions, body language, intonations and speech patterns that helps us to tune in to each other's emotional state. Unlike physical, digital world can only rely on static avatars and emojis proposing an interesting problem of translating emotional connections on to the screen.

The Concept

Octocom has a set of tentacles which are microphones or speakers. These tentacles act as a metaphor of an organic connection. When a person wants to send a message, he inserts a finger into the speaker-tentacle, which then detects the pulse and starts record an audio message. In order for another person to hear the message, he needs to match the pulse to the sender's by inserting a finger into the speaker-tentacle. If the pulses match, the message comes out clear, but if they don’t match the message comes out distorted. The receiver needs to synchronize his body patterns to tune up to the same mind length as the sender's to be able to perceive the message the way it was meant to be heard. The closer to the range he manage to tune up, the clearer the message will come out.

This installation uses Pulse Sensor, Arduino and Max MSP.

Octocom was exhibited at Transpositions exhibit that featured works from a group of multimedia designers.

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